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Parts for OPEL


German Company founded in 1862 by Adam Opel. Manufactures automobiles since 1899, and since 1929 is a subsidiary of the american company General Motors. In the year 1900 by differences between the Opel and the managers of the factory was closed the department of motor vehicles, and to counter spent to import cars Renault and Darracq from France. It was not until 1902 that was presented the first car completely Opel, with 2 cylinders and 1894 cc.

After the First World War Opel was focused on the production chain of a popular car, so, in 1924 was manufactured in large quantities, the 4-cylinder 951 cc Laubfrosch, which had great immediate success.

In 1936 the first Kadett, which becomes the best selling car in Germany. Before the Second World War Opel dominated 40% of the German market.

After the war, Opel did not resume the activity until 1947. The first Opel post-war was the Olympia and after him, in 1948, the Kapitan of 6 cylinders.

The first model export to the united States was the Rekord in the year 1958. For the 60's offered in your range large vehicles, both sedans as coupes, and even offer V8 engines of origin Chevrolet.

In 1980, they sold the first Opel front-wheel-drive, the model Kadett D. In 1982, produces the Corsa, a car that marked an expansion short of the mark towards Spain. In 2011, Opel and PSA Peugeot-Citroën (of which General Motors is the second largest shareholder) will develop and build vehicles together in Europe.

Several models sold by General Motors in the world are the designs of Opel. They are also often marketed under other brands of GM as Vauxhall in Uk, Holden in Australia, Saturn in north America and Chevrolet in Latin america.

Within the competition, the brand has obtained good results, the first victory in the world rally was in 1975 with the model Ascona, in 1979, was proclaimed champion of Europe with the model Ascona B. The greatest success was in 1982 with the Ascona 400.