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Parts for PEUGEOT


French Brand of automobiles, including commercial vehicles and race cars. At its inception Peugeot was once a factory of salt shakers and pepper shakers.

Peugeot presents an industrial tradition since the beginning of the NINETEENTH century, after a great experience of products created under the last name of the family, in 1885 Armand Peugeot begins to dabble in the manufacture of bicycles, and finally in 1889 was thrown into the adventure of the car. Creating what today is the second car brand with more tradition in the world.

The first car of Peugeot sees the light in 1890.

Next to Citroën (Peugeot bought in the year 1974 to Michelin) form the second largest builder at the european level, the group PSA Peugeot-Citroën. Three years later, in 1977 absorbed the european subsidiary of the american Chrysler.

the name of The models of cars is generated using three-digit numbers whose tens is a zero. Each number has a meaning, the unit represents the generation of the automobile, the zero was adopted as a trademark, and the hundred refers to the size of the vehicle.

In 1969 he produced five million automobiles Peugeot and the company became the second largest producer of passenger cars in France. It is currently the second largest european company behind Volkswagen AG.

Peugeot has released in the past years numerous models with innovative concepts within the reach of most drivers.